African Range

Walking Elephants

The duvet cover has detailed walking elephants created from stitch lines of silver embroidery rayon and metallic thread and three lines of silver metallic mixed braid to complete the design.

Running Cheetah

This white or cream and stone duvet cover has three cheetahs running across it between lines of black braid.


The duvet cover has a life like design of zebras grazing on the African plains, with African tribal shapes completing the design.

African Image

This white and stone or cream and stone duvet cover, has a black braid tribal design running across the foot of the bed that links together the stone and white or cream fabric.


This white/cream and taupe duvet cover has an African design made up of appliqués and braid on the taupe portion of the duvet cover and three lines of chocolate coloured braid above the taupe portion to finish off the design.


This African inspired design is made up of stone coloured diamond shaped appliqués, twisted braids and handcraft stitching that compliments the design and adds to the African appeal.

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